Basson-Roux Attorneys is a dynamic law firm constantly testing the boundaries of the old
conventional methods and strive to deliver modern solutions suitable for today’s needs and
challenges while still respecting the professionalism and integrity of the legal profession.


We specialize in property law, estate planning and the administration of deceased estates.


Our vision is to educate the public while delivering personal and efficient service.


We can help you with the following services:




Selling your property?  Did you know that the seller can appoint the transfer attorney? Conveyancing is the legal process that takes place when lawful ownership is obtained  of immovable property. Each time a property is sold, a new deed of transfer must be drawn up and registered. This is to ensure the security and certainty of an owner's title to his property.

Immovable property purchase and sale agreements do not have to be drafted and reviewed by an attorney. We, however, recommend that you at least have an attorney review the purchase or sale agreement before signing such, so as to ensure that common pitfalls are avoided.


Having the correct lease agreement signed is imperative to governing the relationship between the landlord and tenant. It will facilitate a speedy eviction of a tenant in the event of a default.

We provide an administration of deceased estates service, which involves:

  • The acceptance of the appointment as executor or executor's agent on deceased estates.
  • Attending to the winding up of the deceased estate as required by law.


At a difficult time for all families, we work with you to make sure that we provide an efficient service while keeping you informed of progress.




An Antenuptial Agreement is a vital document to sign when you decide to get married. For most people it is quite an uncomfortable prospect to sign an agreement before your marriage. Why do you want to prepare for divorce if you are so happy now? In reality it is about more than divorce and both parties need to be prepared when either party passes away or might face a sequestration.


The agreement must be signed by both parties before they get married otherwise the marriage will automatically be in community of property.


Have you and your spouse decided that divorce is the best option going forward but do not want to waste thousands of Rands to litigate against each?


If you want to settle your divorce we can help you with a comprehensive settlement agreement ensuring that all issues between you and your spouse are dealt with.


To ensure there are no hidden costs, a fixed fee will be agreed to beforehand which will include the divorce summons to be issued, settlement agreement, service of the summons and court attendance ensuring that your divorce be dealt with as quickly and painlessly as possible.

We also specialise in drafting of Wills, setting up of Trusts and generally advising clients on the best way to structure their estates.
The possibilities are dependent on each individuals personal circumstances and comprehensive instructions need to be taken in order to properly advise our clients.


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