1. Protect Your Family / Children

If any of your heirs are under 18, their inheritance will be paid into the Guardian’s Fund meaning the government is in control of their monies until they reach majority. In a will you can decide who control their monies and make sure your children are properly provided for. The delays caused by no will can also be detrimental to your spouse or children if they are dependent for their livelihood on the estate.

2. Control How Your Wealth is Allocated

Without a will your estate will be distributed in accordance with the intestate succession act which might not be in accordance with your wishes at all.

3. Appoint an Estate Executor

In an intestate estate, ALL the heirs must nominate and agree to a person who will be appointed as an executor. If the person is not the spouse or child of the deceased, then that will also mean that the executor must deliver security to the Master of the High Court. This process can delay an estate tremendously.

4. Prevent Delays

Without your wishes clearly set out in a will, there can be disagreement among the heirs which will delay the estate. If an immovable property or vehicle must be divided between more than one heir, they might disagree whether to keep or sell the assets. Bigger disagreements can even lead to court cases which can deplete your estate’s funds. Sometimes these intestate estates take years to be finalised.

5. Because Death is Hard Enough

Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult things a person must go through. The last thing you want them to do is have the added pressure of uncertainty and possible conflict in the family if a disagreement arises.


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