Things You Should Know When Buying or Selling a Property: The Conveyancing Process from A to Z

Conveyancing  is the process of transferring ownership of immovable property from one person to another. It is done by registering a new deed of transfer at the relevant Deeds Office.

There are usually three attorneys involved in the process:


TRANSFERRING ATTORNEYS: The attorney appointed to transfer the property. In practice the Seller has the right to choose and appoint the transfer attorney but the parties can also agree on an attorney in the Offer to Purchase.


BOND CANCELLATION ATTORNEY: If the Seller currently has a bond registered over his/her property, the financial institution where the is registered will appoint an attorney to cancel the bond.


BOND REGISTRATION ATTORNEY: If the Purchaser is financing the property, the bank/financial institution will appoint an attorney to register the new bond over the property.


Herewith a short schematic of the entire  transfer procedure:



Please note that the above process is for an ordinary transfer. Should the transfer be in terms of a deceased estate, an endorsement transfer, divorce transfer, etc., the process will include more steps and will take longer to register. The efficiency of the various Government departments will determine the length of time it takes to register the transaction but ordinarily does not exceed four months.

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