How to register an Antenuptial Agreement

Congratulations! Your significant other asked the big question and you said yes! There are so many things to plan: The venue, the opening dance, who is going to be your bridesmaids and of course The Dress.


All too-often the legalities get left behind, forgotten… Now we know that Antenuptial Contracts (ANC’s ) are not the most exciting subject when planning your wedding but it is by far the most important. In all honesty, it is probably the most important document you and your future spouse will ever sign.


“But we are happy and nothing will ever go wrong, we love each other” – this is something I hear prospective brides and grooms often say. They do not realise that the consequences of a marriage in community of property can be immediate and far-reaching, even for couples who never gets divorced. These consequences were discussed in detail here.


So you and your spouse-to-be have made the responsible decision to get an ANC, what now? Did you know that an ANC can be tailor-made to suit you? You can include any provisions you like, as long as the provisions are not against the law, good morals or the nature of marriage.  The most important provision in the agreement is whether the marriage will be out of community of property WITH accrual or WITHOUT accrual. The difference between the two is explained in detail  here.


The only thing that is left to do is to contact us and make an appointment.  Remember that an ANC must be registered BEFORE the wedding so it is crucial to make an appointment at least a month before the wedding.


Our all inclusive fee for drafting and registering of the contract is R1800.00.


We know that wedding season is coming up and we are currently running a special promotion. If you contact us before the end of October 2017 you will only pay R1500.00 (all inclusive).


Contact us today.

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